Cool Memory Foam Mattress, Ella Mattress

Memory foam retains a fair amount of heat, so in order to sell all-foam Mattresses that keep sleepers cool, mattress-makers have had to get creative.

One common tactic is to infuse the foam with cooling gel. Another is to manufacture foam with an “open cell” design, which decreases the density of the foam and adds tiny, aerating pockets to its structure.

Other mattresses might have cooling covers, or boast phase-change technology that may help to dissipate excess heat.

If you’re considering a Memory Foam Mattress but struggle with overheating at night, be sure to read up on the cooling features available. The Ella brand has an different approach to making their foams feel comfortable.

The Ella Cool Memory Foam Mattress is a unique mattress from our collection, specially designed with cooling foam to dissipate body heat and keep the mattress at a nice cool temperature. It has a dynamic molecule structure that moulds and shapes around your body, giving extra support while offering instant pressure relief and an overall supportive feel.

This mattress offers comfort medium firm body support, no motion transfer, hypoallergenic properties and a cool sleep. It is the perfect mattress for those who want a comfortable and supportive sleep.

  • Comfort medium firm
  • Body Support
  • No Motion Transfer
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Instant pressure relief
  • Cool Sleep

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